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Take the thinking out of Dating and find your soul mate!

Divorce is at an all-time high and so many people are on their second, third, and even fourth marriage. How much money, heartache, and pain have you wasted on finding the wrong person or persons? Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and it just feels like you are speaking a different language? Well you actually are speaking a different vibration and energy that is not compatible with yours.

You were born with your own unique name and birthday combination which is how you present yourself to the world and how others see you. was created to match you with that special person that speaks your language, just gets you, and understands you on a soul level. Love is not supposed to be hard work it is just supposed to be right. is not just an online dating site. It is also great tool for all like-minded people looking for friends that speak the same vibration. Take a peak for free and let prove to you that matching based on ancient numerology is the ultimate true match.

Site Features

Home -Takes you back to your home page. The is the default location to link to all the site features.

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Videos- Upload that special video so people can get to know you. You can also upload a link to your video from

Events - Find out what great Events are going on in your area. Feel free to include any special events you may want to include by emailing us at

Places - Special places to go in your areas

Groups- Great your own group or join a special group with similar interests

Blogs- start a blog or read and interact with others on their blogs.

Games- Join a game with that special person to pass the time

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Chat- Join a chat room

Mail- Send an email and start a conversation.

Forum- Join our forum by asking questions and giving feedback

Online- see who is online now

Search- search for that special someone with our basic search and advanced search. Search features like men seeking women and women seeking men are already assumed from your personal orientation preference. Use the advanced search to bypass your personal preference. Be sure you disable numerology matching if you want to be able to search within all users.

Soul Mate Search- Quick search to find your soul mate.

Profile- set up your profile, make changes to the colors and backgrounds, post feedback on other profiles.

Vote- you can vote for your favorites.

More- make sure you check out the more button there will be a drop down box and check out our options.

More-Friends- find your friends list here

More-Ads- If you would like to post a ad email for more details.

More-Affliates- Be a part of our affliate program and make some extra cash by referring to your friends.

IM-instant message that special person to start that conversation

"Voice and Video Greetings"- so you can meet someone in real time. Works best without background noise or using your ear phones.

Try the Numerology Match calculator to see how you match up with another user. Click the heart icon while viewing the other persons profile. This advanced tool gives you a quick insight into the compatibility between you and that user. The more natural matches you have, the closer you are to finding your soul mate!

Relationship Advice

We offer a one on one phone reading with our Numerology Relationship Expert. There are so many layers to numerology and we will take a deep look into your numbers as well as include your destiny number. Should you take their last name? Is my name abundant? how to make a few changes to guarantee more success and love in your life. These are just a few questions you may have and will be included in your reading. For questions and inquiries whether it be individual or a relationship reading for you and your partner email Kelly for more details.

Each week we feature expert advice about dating and relationships, entertainment and health. Post your feedback, take our interactive polls and even ask our experts for advice.

Stay current with our free newsletter offering fresh dating advice and highlighting members who have been successful at finding someone.

- We'll help you create a catchy summary.
- Hundreds of relationship articles by top experts.
- Interact with our exclusive dating advisers.
- Learn the psychology of online dating.
- Find out what our members think about dating.
- Get advice on how to meet someone online and go from your first email to your first date.

Having trouble attracting that special someone because you have all of that old baggage you are carrying around? Get a special "Mantra" designed just for you from our Intuitive Coach to help release all of the old and allow in the new. Email Penny for more details.

Our Community

You might wonder why someone would choose to pay a fee to communicate with other singles on the net when there are so many chat rooms and dating online where you can talk for free.

It's because of the quality of our members who are open-minded, professional, educated and serious about finding a healthy, happy relationship. Singles who are searching to be "naturally" matched with other singles with "no thinking" required because we do all of the matching for you.

And it makes sense that if you are willing to pay for a service, you will be far more serious about using it. is a fun and safe way to make friends and expand your social life - and it works!

Even if you are just looking for friends we have the place for you. Our wonderful community is a great place to find like-minded friends as well. Join or arrange a meet up in your area and get started networking and expanding your social horizons!

Success Stories

We would love to post your success stories and pictures so please send them to Numerology Admin we are looking forward to hearing them.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to bring the wonderful world of numerology into your life by matching you with people that are truly compatible with you. We are honored for the opportunity to bring so many "soul mates" together in one place and help people find their one true destiny. So many people are searching and have tried so many ways to connect with people while nothing has worked in the past which draws them to us.
We all still have hope and this is why you are here.

Never give up searching because that special person has not given up on you!