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Personal Numerology Reading


For questions and inquiries whether it be individual or a relationship reading for you and your partner email Kelly for more details.

What will an Individual reading do for you?

This is an in-depth reading on who you are at a core level which will include:

  • I will go deep into each of your numbers and what makes you happy and what your challenges are. Questions you may have had your entire life.

  • What is your Destiny? Everyone wants to know what they came here for!

  • Is your current name helping you or hurting you?

  • What type of person would make you truly happy?

  • Are you at a crossroads wondering which way to go? I can help you answer these questions.

  • A tool for you to keep for a lifetime as a guide to future decisions.

  • A Free month membership included with this reading!

What will a Couples Relationship Reading do for you?

I will give you an in-depth reading into the two of you as a couple which will include:

  • Have you found Mr or Mrs right?

  • Is this person your soul mate?

  • I will take a deep look into your challenges and give you ideas on how to handle these challenges when they come up.

  • Full in-depth reading on each number to show who each of you are a core level.

  • Do you really know your mate fully and completely? This helps you understand each other so you don't take things personal when they are just being themselves!

  • What is your Destiny? Everyone wants to know what they came here for!

  • Should you take their last name and how this will affect if/when you marry? Have you ever heard the term, "you are not the person I married?" Well this is so true because when you change your last name you send off a different vibration which may give you more challenges!

  • A tool for your relationship to utilize for a life time!

  • A Free Month of membership to included with this reading!

Schedule your personal reading with Kelly Here

Recent Success Story:

"I was so excited to get my numerology relationship match back from Kelly. From a simple email she created a very detailed profile of my husband and I that was spot on. My husband was so impressed, and he's not easily impressed. Kelly showed us where there may be challenges in our relationship and how we can work through them by understanding the other. Her advice and suggestions from the numerology assessment have helped us get to know and understand each other on a deeper level, even after nearly 10 years of being together. She pointed out things about each of us that we have tried to express but didn't have the words to. This kind of information is invaluable to couples and singles alike. I highly recommend Kelly. Her insight and intuitive skills are mind blowing."

Melody | Atlanta, GA